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A Workshop in Creativity and Awe

Creativity and Awe

Creativity and Awe

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As an adventure photographer I get to see places that are truly awe-inspiring. I put this workshop together to let clients capture this energy through creative imagery they produce under my guidance. Clint Singh


Workshop Structure

  • 4 weeks private photography training ( four x 1-hour sessions in the virtual studio )

  • 5 days off the grid photography adventure in Iceland

While there are a number of activities that will produce therapeutic benefits of creativity, they take time to master, I have developed a photography training program that will provide results within an hour.  I have removed all but what is absolutely necessary from the theories in photography to get the client to learn, progress and start enjoying their new skills. The training takes 4 weeks and is made up of four sessions of an hour each. There is a week in-between training to allow them to digest the information and practice.


With the photography training complete, the client embarks on an off the grid photography adventure to Iceland to put their newly learned skills to the test. The trip is designed to immerse them in an experience away from the distractions of everyday life. Each day is planned for the client to experience awe, from photographing ice caves, to the magnificence of the northern lights. Research on the benefits of awe experienced on this scale suggests that they are long-lasting, even weeks later.


While any holiday might provide a break from the stresses of work, this product provides a transferable skill in the form of the post editing the images using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, which will provide a creative outlet for weeks to come or whenever they need a break from the stresses of work.

What's included:

  • Private training 

  • Private guided off the grid photography adventure to Iceland

  • All inclusive of travel in Iceland, accommodation, meals and adventure excursions

  • Use of professional photography equipment




*Land only 

*Personal travel insurance is compulsory 


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