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Booking Terms

Clint Images – Booking Conditions


Travel notification

1. The contract is written acceptance by the contracting party and Clint Images, to which all conditions set out in these general terms apply. If the contracting party in addition to him/herself also lists one or more other persons on the same notification form, this contracting party is automatically liable for all obligations ensuing from the travel contract which might also concern the other persons booked.

2. The contracting party shall provide Clint Images with the necessary personal data. For incorrect or incomplete data being supplied, Clint Images cannot be held liable for the consequences thereof.

3. The booked trip will be confirmed by Clint Images by means of a confirmation and invoice sent to the contracting party.


The travel offer

4. The basic travel elements booked by the contracting party are recorded in the travel confirmation as well as in the itinerary.

5. Deviations from the itinerary might be necessary due to reasons of safety, weather or Acts of nature. These deviations cannot effect the contract (see also paragraph 6).

6. Changes in the itinerary are permitted if they do not substantially alter the nature of the trip. Clint Images shall inform the contracting party of changes. Such changes cannot be used by the contracting party as a reason for cancelling the travel contract.

7. Clint Images bears no responsibility for photos, brochures and other information material published by third parties, nor for any promises of third parties towards the contracting party.



8. On the conclusion of the travel contract, the contracting party will pay a deposit of 50% of the total price of the travel contract.

9. If the contracting party fails to fulfil the payment obligations, Clint Images will send a written reminder. If, despite of the reminder, the invoice remains unpaid Clint Images reserves the right to cancel the contract on the day of default. Clint Images is entitled to charge the cancellation costs incurred (in line with paragraph 6).


Cancellation of the trip by Clint Images

10. Clint Images is entitled to cancel the planned trip up to 30 days before departure, if the minimum number of participants has not been achieved. In such a case Clint Images will offer the contracting party an alternative trip. If the contracting party does not accept this offer Clint Images will refund all payments received from the contracting party.

11. Clint Images has the right in the case of force majeure events (e.g. natural disasters, abnormal / exceptional weather and ice conditions and other “acts of God”) to cancel the trip. Clint Images may not be held liable for the consequences. If situations of force majeure occur before departure date, Clint Images will refund to the contracting party the payments made. If situations of force majeure occur during the trip, Clint Images will try to offer an alternative programme. If this should be not possible, either Clint Images or the contracting party is entitled to cancel the trip. The contracting party is responsible for the costs of changes of reservations and/or extra costs for flight.

12. If Clint Images has to cancel the trip (based on the paragraphs 10 and 11), only the equivalent of the invoiced (paid) price will be refunded to the contracting party. Clint Images is not liable for costs the contracting party has made in preparation of the trip nor for reservations of travel components (such as flights, hotels, insurances) which have been booked elsewhere.


Cancellation of the trip by the contracting party

13. The contracting party may cancel the travel contract in writing at any time before the beginning of the trip. In the case of cancellation by the contracting party Clint Images is entitled to charge the following costs to the contracting party:

- Until and including 180 days prior to departure: 40 % of the total price

- From 179 days until and including 90 days prior to departure: 60 % of the total price - From 89 days up to and including the day of departure: 100 % of the total price

- Deposits are non-refundable


Exclusion / limitation of the liability of Clint Images

14. Clint Images acts as intermediary for the sale of travel elements between providers of accommodation and services and the contracting

party. In such cases the liability of Clint Images is excluded. In these cases the conditions of the relevant providers of accommodation and services are binding. Clint Images is not responsible for optional travel elements booked by the contracting party elsewhere.

15. If Clint Images offers the contracting party an air travel component, all liability of Clint Images is excluded and for this travel component the conditions of the relevant airline apply. In the case of delays, Clint Images cannot be held liable in any way whatsoever, even if this is at the cost of other travel elements of the trip booked.

16. The trips offered by Clint Images often are expedition trips to areas with a lack of infrastructure and (medical) facilities. On booking the trip, the contracting party fully understands that he/she cannot expect to join a standard trip. Non-fulfilled expectations of the contracting party may not be reason for claims in such cases. If the programme cannot be carried out according to the travel description and (certain) places described in the travel programme cannot be visited, Clint Images may not be held liable. See paragraph 5 and 6.


Obligations of the contracting party

17. The contracting party is obliged to comply with all instructions given by Clint Images and the travel guides.

18. Any contracting party who causes such disturbance or who threatens to cause such disturbance, that the proper execution of (part of) a trip is seriously hindered or could result in danger for the contracting party and/or the fellow travellers, can by or on behalf of Clint Images be excluded from the trip. In the case of exclusion, the contracting party is not entitled to make any claim for restitution of the price.

20. If the disturbing behaviour or damage should occur, all costs resulting from this shall be charged to the contracting party.


Travel documents and insurance

21. The contracting party must have in his possession on departure and during the trip the necessary travel documents, such as a valid passport and any required visa, and a health certificate and insurance papers. In case that the participant is unable to join the trip (or parts of the trip) due to lack of any (valid) document, Clint Images may not be held responsible.

22. The contracting party must comply with the current custom restrictions of the relevant destination(s) and the amount of baggage permitted (also when the regulations of the different airlines are concerned). Clint Images may not be held liable for e.g. damage and unexpected costs which could be imposed in the case of a contravention.

23. It is the sole responsibility of the contracting party to acquire the necessary travel insurance, accident insurance, third party risk insurance, baggage insurance and cancellation insurance. In case of a medical problem arising during the voyage which results in costs for medical treatment, evacuation, use of aircraft or repatriation etc. the responsibility for payment of these costs belongs solely to the contracting party or participant. Clint Images strongly advises that passengers ensure that such eventualities are covered by travel insurance.

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