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New Creative Skills

Your initial training and practice will teach you all the basic skills that you need to take with you on location.


Once on location, Clint will be guiding and helping you every step of the way, giving you personal, on the spot tuition and advice to help you get the most from your experience and enable you to return home with a portfolio to rival that of a professional landscape or adventure photographer.

On this programme you will learn...


Master composition, learn how to create image with impact by putting the different elements of the image together to be pleasing to the eye.

Master depth of field, learn how to use the camera's settings to draw attention to your subject by blurring areas in the background.

Master shutter speed, learn how to use shutter speed creatively to blur moving subject matter or capture them at high speed 

Master your DSLR in full manual to explore your creativity. Once you have this skill, there's no limit to the fun you will have with your camera.

Student Gallery

Programme objectives:

Master composition

Master depth of field

Master shutter speed

Master your camera in full manual

Duration: Four Weeks

Client Reviews

Terry Crosby ( Director  - Travel and Trek Limited )

Top notch! I've just completed a 4 week 1:1 course with Clint and I've learnt so much. A must for any aspiring travel photographer; learn from a true enthusiastic professional. He can tailor to your needs and experience. High recommended.

Jo Brown

Fantastic photography course expertly delivered ! I feel much more confident in knowing what to do to get the image I'm after. Would really recommend. Clint is friendly and incredibly knowledgeable. Do It! You won't regret it!

Neil Woods

Met Clint for an introduction to photography as a hobby. He worked at my speed and kept it simple to understand. An excellent introduction encouraging me to take the new hobby further. Nice to work without technical terms, just simple to understand language.

Laura Grange

After a rather "amateurish" dabble in night sky photography, I had a session with Clint and have learnt so much in just a short space of time! Seriously recommend anyone interested in photography or learning more about their cameras and settings to have a training session with Clint. Very clear instruction and an easy to learn approach, the training platform is straight forward so seriously rate Clint Images if you want to better your knowledge!

Jason Summers

I started with a 4 part workshop with Clint and I felt he delivered the course very well. Using a camera in manual became natural but I needed to explore what I had learned. When the opportunity came to exercise my skills in the Lake District with a weekend workshop I was very excited as I know Clint is very passionate about what he does, and he didn’t let me down as it was an awesome weekend, the hotel was great, the locations were spot on, I could tell a lot of effort had gone into the preparation. I came away from this experience with some great memories new friends and my own personal pictures. For me working in a stressful environment this was just what I needed, It was a great escape and I felt I leaned so much. Clint is a fantastic tutor who encourages you to push your limits while having fun. If you have the chance to work with Clint In the future I would highly recommend it.

Louisa Christie

My recent trip to the Lake District to experience landscape photography was fantastic. A very well planned trip, learnt to use long exposures & filters, a new technique to me.  ( Lake District Photography Workshop 2017 )

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