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“This trip was an amazing journey out of my comfort zone.  A ‘Once-in-a-lifetime’ experience that will stay with me forever and has improved my confidence, self-esteem and photography skills.”

“Clint is extremely professional and easy to work with.  He put me at total ease giving clear directions and instruction before and during the trip.  I felt safe, secure and looked after throughout the workshop.”


“The places I have seen are unbelievable!  On top of a glacier at night, at the back of a great waterfall, the Iceberg lagoon, in ice caves, trying to capture the northern lights.  Totally mind-blowing!”


“I came back from this trip refreshed, feeling strong, independent, skilled and worthy, as well as motivated to do more interesting things with my time.  It has made me look at and adjust my lifestyle.”


Roberta Iorizzo

Global Travel Manager SCOR SE - UK

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