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"Adventure is worthwhile in itself"Amelia Earhart

Photography Expedition

Greenland 2018

  • Location: East Greenland -  Sermilik Fjord

  • 8th to 15th September 2018

  • Photography Level: Beginner to intermediate

  • The Artic

  •  East Greenland

  • Ice Camp Greenland

  • Pre-trip photography training

  • Extreme photography workshop

  • Underwater photography 

  • Expert ground crew

  • Experienced local guides

  • Tried and tested safety equipment

THE ARCTIC : Extreme Adventure Photography Workshop


This is a unique opportunity for a select group of 5 individuals to experience the ultimate photography workshop.

While other companies provide photography trips with a photo guide to point out locations, this is a workshop which entails extensive photography training on a one-to-one basis prior to the trip, enabling you to be at the necessary standard to capture the best images possible.


You are going to be immersed in a world of creative photography, learning and fine tuning your skills while working towards an impressive portfolio by the end of the trip to rival any pro photographer.  

Clint Singh is an experienced adventure photographer and photography tutor based in the UK. His expertise will be available to you ensuring you will get the most the most out of this experience.

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