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Clint’s background in photography comes from photographing animals commercially and has worked with publication houses and agencies. His most accomplished assignment was producing the front cover for the international best seller,  A Street Cat Named Bob. The book went on to be a Hollywood movie of the same name in 2016.


Hilary Grime

My daughter Phoebe has just completed Clint's course. I don't think I have never written a Google Review before but I felt I just had to as I need to tell anyone looking to go on his course - he is simply fantastic. Clint is extremely enthusiastic, patient, inspiring and pays great attention to detail in every respect - his own work, that of the student, planning for the lessons and the overall course. I highly recommend him.

Louisa Christie

My four sessions with Clint have been fantastic, learnt so much in such a short period of time. If you're an amateur looking to improve your techniques his one to one workshops are a must.


Roberta Iorizzo

Having treated my 13 years old girl to a one to one photography course over the summer holidays, I was amazed with the quality of the workshops! Daria is enjoying every session and developing a passion for photography. Clint manages to inject enthusiasm and fun and shares his knowledge and amazing images. Highly recommended!


Samantha Luxford

Having used Clint images I have found Clint to be very friendly, professional and not to mention his photographs are totally amazing…

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