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Introduction to Photoshop  Workshop

For a photographer, knowing how to use editing software is as important as knowing how to use your camera. 

Clint Images is offering a great option for those who would love to take a photography workshop but struggle to find the time to travel to classes. You can now learn and have full control of our studio equipment, from the comfort of your own home! Our virtual studio workshops will allow you to learn when it suits you and have the studio come to your home!


  • One to one

  • 3 hours per session

  • Get to know Photoshop

  • Location: Online

  • Group size: 1

  • Cost: £200

What's Included

Topics Covered

  • Opening & saving images

  • Sharpening

  • Layers

  • Filters

  • Touch ups

  • Curves & levels

  • Converting to Black & White


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  • One to one training

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Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom are powerful tools for any photographer, professional or amateur. At first glance these applications may look a bit intimidating, but with my ‘Introduction to Photoshop’ workshop, we will go through it together and get to grips with the basics to give you that confidence to take the next steps with your photography and editing your images.


This workshop is ideal for beginners, A-Level students and even those intermediates who might feel a bit rusty and would like a refresher course. We will go through the basics of Photoshop to get you familiar with its layout and will be working on photos taken by you, so you will be able to show your work to family and friends. You will have one to one tuition and will work at your preferred pace, to make sure you feel ready and confident for the next steps.

Adobe Photoshop is a really in-depth editing tool and we do not want you to feel pressured. You are encouraged to ask questions, take notes and to continue taking extra lessons with one to one tuition until you feel comfortable. This workshop will leave you feeling confident and excited to get back out there and take more photos!

Workshop objectives:

Introduction to Photoshop

Opening and saving images

Introduction to editing images

Converting colour images to black & white


Location: Clint Images Studio

Price: £200

Duration: 3 hours

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