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Iceland Photography Workshop with a talented 14 year old photographer

A week long trip with a private client to some of the hidden gems of Iceland was really successful. It was a privilege to work with an extremely talented 14 year old photographer on this trip. Daria Fard and her Mum came to me about a year ago as Daria wanted to learn photography. Prior to this Daria had no photography experience. Daria enrolled in my 4 week one to one photography course and excelled on all levels.

Daria's enthusiasm for her new hobby flourished and a year later, we were planning an adventure filled trip to Iceland. Training for the trip started a month in advance and was carried out in the virtual studio with Daria able to control the studio's cameras remotely and we were able to prepare for setups for every possible photography opportunity, the northern lights, long exposure shots for the waterfalls, the ice caves and night photography on a glacier.

Iceland threw all it could at us, rain, cold, and wind up to 70mph, but Daria persevered through this, climbing glaciers and rappelling into ice caves to get the perfect shot.

Rappelling into an Ice Cave

Here's a gallery of her images from the trip. I think her talent speaks for itself.

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