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Virtual Studio

What is the virtual studio?


  • This is private photography training done online with a professional experienced photography tutor while getting to use real photographic equipment in a virtual environment.

  • You connect to the studio’s cameras with dedicated software and have full control of the camera.


  • Learn quickly...see immediate results, and compare before and after images to grasp the concepts.


  • There’s an infinite range of creative sets to photograph and experiment on.


Are there any restrictions to your service?

  • You need a fast internet connection ( min 20Mbps )

  • Tuition is carried out in English


Time Zones

I can accommodate most time zones, but advance bookings is required 

If you would like to try out the studio before signing up, drop me a message and arrange a free 10 minute session.


+44 (0) 7779150867

+44 (0) 1732521865

Thanks! Message sent.

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