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Travel Photography Workshop


  • One to one 

  • 3 hours per session

  • Location: Online

  • Group size: 1

  • Cost: £150

What's Required?

  • A minimum of 20Mbps internet connection

Topics Covered

  • Hone your camera skills with practice

  • Research your unique photo opportunities

  • Digital Workflow

  • Practice on Lightroom

  • Equipment 


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  • +44 (0) 1732521865

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Booked yourself that once in a life time trip? Ensure that you take the very best possible photos with this online, one to one workshop!

The workshop is 3 hours long and you will start off with an hour of practice using the studio’s professional cameras in the virtual studio. You will have full control of the camera remotely while under expert guidance. Hone your skills with aperture, shutter speed and ISO and see the results live as you practice!

Next we will discuss your trip and where you will be going. I will help you research best possible locations and opportunities you can explore to get the best photos. 

You will then go through the digital workflow and best practices for travel photography before spending an hour on Lightroom where you will practice on sample RAW images.

Lastly we go through the photography equipment you need to take and will assist in sourcing equipment for you. The workshop includes a 10% discount with LensPimp on any equipment you might need to rent (UK only).

Travel Photography Workshop
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