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How good is the new Nikon D850?

I received the new Nikon D850 over 2 weeks ago but only managed to do some test shots today, ( sad, I know ). For my students on the workshops I use D800s, so was keen to see the difference the huge 45 megapixel sensor would make, now up from the previous D800's and D810's 36 megapixel sensor. It uses the same EN-EL15 batteries as the previous models which is great as I don't have to carry additional chargers. The touch sensitive screen makes for easy navigating between images and menus, it does take some getting used to as you tend to forget to use it and do things the old method. But the main reason I bought the camera is for the advantage the new sensor would bring for wildlife and landscape photography, and to see how much I can crop while still having a decent usable image. Here is a test shot of water droplets on a bamboo leaf. I can't wait for my next trip in a few weeks to the Ice Caves at Vatnajokull to put it through it's paces.

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